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Kaolin clay, apple pectin & activated charcoal help relieve occasional diarrhea & and helps remove intestinal toxins‡

regular $14.99 $13.49

Ultimate Flora Super Critical 200 Billion

7-day Maximum Support Probiotic Supplement for Critical Care Needs‡7-day program, 200 billion culturesFast-acting digestive & immune support‡Ideal during/after acute illness, stress‡

regular $29.99 $26.99

Ultimate Flora Critical Care 50 Billion

America’s #1 High-Potency Probiotic!As seen on Road to Perfect Health!Restores Digestive Balance‡Promotes Regularity‡

regular $21.99 $19.79


Advanced Digestive Enzyme Supplement to Aid Dairy Digestion‡Helps digest milk, cheese & other dairy‡Helps relieve gas, bloating, sour stomach, and occasional diarrhea‡

regular $17.99 $16.19


Natural Support Formula for a Healthy Digestive Tract ‡Supports digestive tract function‡Supports healthy intestinal lining‡Easy-to-use powdered formula

regular $36.99 $33.29

Intestinal Bowel Soother

Intestinal Support Product to Help Maintain a Healthy Intestinal Lining‡Natural ingredients support bowel health‡Supports intestinal lining cell structureRelieves gas & bloating, sour stomach‡

regular $25.99 $23.39


Daily Maintenance Probiotic for Intestinal Support - ages 1 ?12 billion active bacteria3 billion Bifidobacteria, 9 billion Lactobacilli

regular $25.99 $23.39

FishSMART Ultra

Ultra-concentrated Omega-3 Fish OilsHeart & joint support‡Ultra-concentrated 30% EPA, 20% DHACertified free of mercury and PCBsEnteric-coated for better absorption

regular $37.99 $34.19